The debut of the unmistakable Lancetti style


On January 30, 2012 the celebration of "A journey through 50 years of fashion". The Re-Edition special event is a significant tribute to the brand's fifty years of history and comes to life from the collaboration with Altaroma.

It is the monumental architecture of the Markets of Trajan in Rome to host the anthological exhibition of 24 garments from the Historical Archives, a synthesis of the stylistic "worlds" that characterise the brand: pictorial, oriental, gipsy, embroidery, Renaissance and new Romanticism, and also sees the launch of the LANCETTI Celebration fragrance.

The modern reissue of some of the Maison's masterpieces, by the young designer Caterina Gatta, becomes an emblematic example of how a historic brand can contribute to contemporary inspiration.

The licensing project

Lancetti keeps the great tradition of style and refined design alive by constantly focusing on a skilful restyling able to make its image in line with the needs of the market.

The strategies, both commercial and creative, are developed through an important licensing project that sees us engaged in the development of different product areas in order to place ourselves in the most efficient national distribution channels.

These new and important collaborations will contribute more and more to the diffusion on the market of the Lancetti brand and will substantially increase the turnover of the company and its partners.

I just do nice things,
like any craftsman who knows his art well.

Pino Lancetti

2002 - 2006

2002 The debut of the Prêt à Porter Lancetti collections at the Milan fashion shows. For Enzo Fusco the Lancetti woman is refined with a touch of color.

2004 - 2005 Beside the classic colors, the Icarius collections praise the Lancetti 'color’ with the re-elaboration of archival prints.

2006 Gianluca Capannolo, in his unique collection for Lancetti, emphasizes the elegance of black and white, but celebrates Lancetti's 'painting’ with an emblematic dress.

2000 - 2001

2000 The brand is acquired by the Paci Family and, in the splendid setting of the Chiostro del Bramante, makes its debut with a collection celebrating the brand's 40th anniversary. It is the occasion of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Pino Lancetti, awarded during the parade in the event "Woman under the stars" by Mayor Francesco Rutelli and actress Catherine Deneuve.

2001 Pino Lancetti leaves fashion to dedicate himself to his greatest passion, painting. The creation of the Couture Fashion and Prêt à porter collections and the supervision of the licenses are entrusted to the designers Enzo Fusco (2000 - 2003), Icarius De Menezes (2004 - 2005) and Gianluca Capannolo (2006)

2001Enzo Fusco plays Lancetti with a Couture Fashion collection inspired by ‘fractals'. The sumptuous silks parade in the location of Villa Medici in Rome. Testimonial for the event: Valeria Mazza.


1990 In a new 19th century style romanticism, with the seduction of transparencies and the exaltation of femininity, the magic of black always present in his collections, combined with the modernity of the new volumes, ensure Lancetti a constant success in the great fashion revolution of the 90s.

1998 An anthological exhibition displays 100 masterpiece dresses from the Lancetti’s historical archive in three illustrious stages:

Terme del Belzieri in Salsomaggiore
Museo del Vittoriano in Rome
Rocca Paolina in Perugia


1984 Alongside the printed fabric is the 'embroidery', the other magical piece of Lancetti's great fashion. Precious materials and perfect craftsmanship, based on original designs by Pino Lancetti himself, amaze for the mastery of the workmanship and the refinement of the decorations.

1986 It is the celebration of 25 years of work and a collection dedicated to Picasso is presented at Villa Medici, seat of the French Academy in Rome. This is the first time that this honor is reserved for an Italian designer. Two thousand guests applaud 125 Couture Fashion creations.

1988 Chagall the dress of memory. A 'collage' dress made with over 500 embroidery samples, collected in almost 30 years of work, Lancetti's tribute to the large number of Italian and French embroiderers who have worked for the brand. It is an exemplary dress that originates an interminable applause from the press and buyers, at the end of a memorable defilé in the gardens of Palazzo Rospigliosi Pallavicini in Rome.


The 70s It was in this decade that Lancetti revolutionised the concept of 'printed fabric'. The new fantasies, inspired by the Masters of painting and the great currents of art invade the markets all over the world. The specialised press applauds Pino Lancetti coining the nickname 'TAILOR PAINTER’ for him.

From '70 to '80 Lancetti presents its most sumptuous and refined collections. The inspiration, which extends from Renaissance painting to the rigours of Art Deco, from Mediterranean folklore to the splendours of the Far East, gives us an unparalleled heritage of clothes that today are collected in the precious Maison’s Historical Archive.

1954 - 1961

1954 Pino Lancetti discovers the passion for fashion and as a young painter begin his career as a designer in the atelier of Princess Lola Giovannelli.

1956 Pino Lancetti designs a collection inspired by the women of Modigliani.

1961 The Lancetti atelier in Rome opens and the brand makes its debut with the first fashion show at Palazzo Pitti in the legendary Sala Bianca. A 'military' line that amazes and triumphs by imposing Pino Lancetti to the attention of the international press.