He revolutionizes fashion with the prestigious Lancetti line


The greatest masterpieces are born from the tip of a brush and a cloth cut-out. Lancetti, together with his licensees, takes care of every detail with passion and determination.


A ball of wool will always remain a ball of wool without ideas and continuous research and innovation. That's the secret to a unique and contemporary style.


Colors, lights and shadows to enhance yourself at all times of the day. Never again out of line with Lancetti.

BAGS AND SMALL LEATHER GOODSHead high in the crowd.

SHOESIt turns obstacles into opportunities.

SHIRTSOffice & Lifestyle.

SCARVES, GLOVES AND HATSExpress who you are.

GLASSESThe first kiss is with the eyes.

PERFUMES AND FRAGRANCESIt unleashes the senses.

PAJAMASConfidences to share.

UNDERWEARThe encounter with the sublime.

SOCKSOn tiptoes.

HOME TEXTILEAs in life it takes cloth.

MEN'S CEREMONY SUITSThe details makes the difference.

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